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The latest version of SuperKaramba is 0.39.

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Changes in 0.39

  • Themes now go to the background correctly when opening multiple themes at the same time
  • itemDropped() callback now has x/y cooridinates
  • Fixed the New Stuff dialog's installed status check marks for failed downloads
  • Don't pop up the Theme Dialog when restoring a session and there aren't any themes saved in the session
  • Local themes can now be removed from the theme dialog, although we don't delete the theme out from underneath the user. It is delisted so that they can change their mind later and run it again.
  • Downloaded themes from New Stuff get moved to trash:/ when a user clicks uninstall so they can restore it if they wish.
  • Better checks for libknewstuff when compiling.
  • Using New Stuff where theme authors post url links instead of file downloads will now open in a browser window for the user. Beware that closing this without downloading a package will still leave it as installed as far as New Stuff is concerned. (shortcoming of KNewStuff)
  • new format options for things like kilobits, kilobytes and gigabytes as listed on our sensor information page:
  • Many new functions added and the examples of how to use them:
    callTheme - Pass a string to another theme
    changeInterval - Change the refresh interval of the theme
    createServiceClickArea - Create a Service-named Click Area Sensor
    getIncomingData - Get incoming data passed from another theme
    getPrettyThemeName - Get the pretty name of the theme
    getServiceGroups - Get KDE Service Groups
    getSystraySize - Get the size of the Systray
    getUpdateTime - Get last updated time
    managementPopup - Activates the Management Popup menu (i.e. SK right click config menu)
    openNamedTheme - Open a new theme giving it a new name
    removeClickArea - Remove a Click Area Sensor
    run - Execute a command with KRun
    setIncomingData - Set incoming data passed in another theme
    setUpdateTime - Set last updated time
    setWantRightButton - Set to 1 to deactivate management popups (i.e. SK right click config menu)
    setWidgetOnTop - changes 'on top' status

Changes in 0.37

  • Unicode fixes due to systems defining Py_UNICODE_SIZE differently
  • NetBSD fixes for sensors - Thanks to Mark Kirby
  • Compile fixes for Solaris

Changes in 0.37-RC1

  • New look and feel.
  • Use Get Hot New Stuff to download themes from
  • The ability to hide the systray icon.
  • New SuperKaramba specific package format, skz files.
  • New icon.
  • The new Input box, to get keyboard input into your themes.
  • Auto reloading of themes that change on disk.
  • More KDE integration.
  • No more phantom tooltips when an image is deleted.
  • Mimetypes for .theme files and .skz files.
  • ..release notes with screenshots and information on making .skz packages can be found here.

Changes in 0.36

  • Removed all the compile warnings.
  • Update superkaramba to check for Python2.4.
  • Update so that automake up through version 1.9.x can generate configure/Makefile scripts.
  • Convert from UCS4 to UCS2 if python uses 4 byte unicode chars.
  • ...and more optimization and bug fixes

Changes in 0.35

  • Ryan (p0z3r), Petri, Ivica, and Sarah have done all the work on this release! Thanks!
  • many new APIs
  • new callbacks
  • DCOP interface for superkaramba
  • multiple superkarambas / one systray support
  • added Fahrenheit support
  • fixed the "moving themes" problem
  • fixed the "always on top" problem
  • fixed bug in setMenuConfigOption(). Please see api.html for the new syntax.
  • asyncronous image loading. setImagePath() should now work with networked/remote files.
  • fixed bug in meterClicked()
  • fixed bug in setRichTextWidth() and getRichTextSize()
  • much more code cleanup, bug fixes, and internal documentation

Changes in 0.34

  • Ryan (p0z3r) and Petri have joined the team! They have helped a lot with this release.
  • Added a tray icon that lets you lauch additional themes, quit SuperKaramba, or open the theme list dialog.
  • Added a theme list dialog that lets you see all the themes currently running, close any of them, or open a new theme.
  • The start-up dialog now integrates with the new theme archive. When you start up SuperKaramba, it lets you see all the new themes automatically! Everyone post your themes on so they will appear here for all to see.
  • Fixed tons of bugs including, but not limited to, themes always on top in KDE 3.2, themes saving negative co-ordinates, themes not saving session info the first time they run, etc, etc. (Thanks alot to Petri and Ryan, and epecially Ryan for testing everything before the release).
  • Lots of code cleanup (lots of thanks to Petri for his help in this area).
  • Probably a lot of stuff I am forgetting. Have fun!

Official releases:

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